The CrossFit Open starts today! | What to expect?

What to expect during the open? CrossFit Indiana, PA
CJ Lyons
February 15, 2023
The CrossFit Open starts today! | What to expect?

The Open starts today!

How do we approach it? What should we expect? What should we do?

There are so many unknowns, especially at CrossFit Indiana. For the majority of us, this is our first experience with the CrossFit Open. For most of us, all we know about the CrossFit Open is what our coaches have explained to us. For the few, this is not our first rodeo. There are so many things that we don't even know to anticipate, because we're walking in new territory, but, let's walk through it together. That's why we're here. To walk beside you on this journey.

Once and done.

The Open announcement is live at 3:00 PM EST on Thursday and scores are due Monday at 5:00 PM EST. With that being said, you can assume that you can attempt the workout as many times as you want to get the best score possible. Let's change that way of thinking! I want you to go into the open with a once and done attitude. I want your thought to be, "I'm going to do the best I can, and put it all out there." I want you to leave it all out there so, if you were to reattempt the workout, there would be no way that you could do better. We want an attitude of doing it all, the 1st time!

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

This is about you, and you're running your own race. You need to approach the workout with a plan. Take some time to think about how you're going to break things up, when you're going to put the bar down, how you could move to make things more efficient, AND STICK TO THAT PLAN! I get it, the energy is high. You're friends, you're family, our community and kids are here with us for Friday Night Lights. It's exciting, but don't let that excitement put you in the deep end. You have to talk to yourself even at the beginning. If you're plan is to pull at 2:04/500m split pace on the rower every round and get on the rower pulling 1:34 because you "feel good," you need to tell yourself to slow down, because slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. It's not how you start the workout, it's how you finish the workout!

Positive self talk

We all have that inner monologue that tells us how good we look, or how bad our hair is today. We have that same self talk that tells us to work hard, push farther, don't give up and so on. Once that inner monologue turns into negative self talk like, "I've hit this weight before, why can't I get it up," "why is my heart rate so high?" "my ankle hurts," we start to spiral to a place where there is not productivity. Words are powerful. More so, the words you say to yourself are probably the most powerful. Everything you say has weight, and it carries more weight when you say it to yourself. Come today or tomorrow with a clear mind and a fresh start. Get centered and speak only positive energy into the evening.

This is NOT your job! Have fun!

We can all get overwhelmed with the idea that the Games athletes are completing the workout in xxx time, or lifting xxx lbs. THAT'S NOT 99% of the population, or 99% of the CrossFit community. You have to remember, this is not your job. This is something that you should enjoy. Don't compare yourself to anyone, we're all on our own journey. You do you. Let's have fun!

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