Owner Introduction

Owner of CrossFit Indiana, Indiana, PA
CJ Lyons
February 15, 2023
Owner Introduction

Our destiny seems to be driven by the decisions we make and the outcomes of the actions determined by those decisions. In January 2022, I left my 12 year teaching career due to a serious case of burnout. I think we all face burnout at some point, but for some of us, it consumes our reality. How did I know I was burnt out? Well, work had taken my joy, it had taken time from my family, it had consumed just about every minute I had. A teacher never really leaves work at work. Once they leave the physical space, they are left with a mountain of work that needs to be done at home. I know this more-so now that I see my wife teaching from the other side of the desk.

But this time, I found myself...

In the pursuit of where my joy was, I turned to the only hobby, passion, and sense of enjoyment that I seemed to muster, which was CrossFit. CrossFit filled me each and every day. It had been my place to destress, to get my energy out, to have adult conversations, to feel strong and empowered, and so many other things. What was I going to do with myself now that I wasn't teaching? Well... I may as well turn my passion into my profession.

I've always had a sense of entrepreneur in me, but I've never had the confidence, commitment or risk that it takes to to go out and do something on my own. When one door closes, another door opens. This was me taking an opportunity of someone (employer) closing a door for me, so that I could walk through another.

Through this CrossFit Indiana was born. I began to imagine a place that I could create that would give our community the same feelings that I had when I went to the box. How can I offer a space where everyone felt empowered, encouraged, motivated, humbled, strong and confident? How can I create an environment in which people want to come to? Well, as we say... we take that to the whiteboard.

I've always been a person that values education. I seek to learn and strive when I have someone mentoring me. For years I've wanted to take my L1 but couldn't justify the cost. I wanted to take my L1, not because I wanted to be a coach, but because I wanted to learn. My knowledge began to match my coaches. It seemed that I was going to the box just to use the equipment. I wasn't going to the box to be coached. I was paying an overpriced gym membership and not going anywhere or developing anymore as an athlete. Earning my L1 gave me the knowledge that I was desiring. It made me dig into the CrossFit methodology, the technique of lifting, developing cues and spotting flaws in movement. Since July 2023, I've since obtained my CrossFit Spot the Flaw, Teaching Movement, Judges 2023 Certification and Precision Nutrition Level 1. I'm currently digging into my L2 and will at some point take the CFCT L3 test.

CrossFit Indiana is a community in which you will be noticed. You'll be seen, and you'll be heard. My hope is that every time you walk into our facility, will you not only feel all of the things that I felt being an athlete, but you'll also be guided, taught and noticed. I don't care who you are, we're going to meet you where you're at. 1st day... AWESOME! We'll build you up. Seasoned athlete??? All you need is humility and we'll guide you.

No one moves perfectly, and our hope is that we can build a facility where everyone walks out everyday feeling noticed.

We're here to do hard things with good people, and sometimes those hard things are simply walking through the door. Once you get here, we'll get you going in the right direction.

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