Kendall Kersey

Kendall Kersey


Deadlift 535

Snatch 255

Clean and Jerk 340

Fran 2:14

Grace :57


NASCM certified

About Coach



Over the course of my life, playing, coaching, and training I have learned that there is no replacement for hard work and discipline. If you can master these two areas you can do anything. I played football and baseball growing up and played 4 years of football in the NCAA. I am a 2x CrossFit Games regionals competitor and was the 15th Fittest man in the South Super region (2017).

Turning Point

I have had many turning points in my life. Most center around some kind of hardship with my family within my family, the main one being my Mom's struggle with MS. She was diagnosed when I was 14 and was no longer walking by the time I was 15. Watching her be grateful for every day, and fighting through every difficult moment has encouraged me to always keep moving forward. She is an inspiration to continue in the midst of pain. I've seen her get through many difficult moments and anytime I feel like "laying down and out" I am reminded of her tenacity, and I keep moving.

Motivation & Passion

I am confident, there are better versions of ourselves laying beneath the layers of pain, heartache, or insecurity, and they are waiting to be excavated. It just takes hard work and discipline.

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