CFI raises over $1k for IHS mini-THON

CFI raised $ for the kids!
CJ Lyons
March 20, 2023
CFI raises over $1k for IHS mini-THON

It couldn't be more perfect timing. Friday wrapped up an 8 week strength cycle, working on the bench press, back squat and deadlift. Today, members of CFI and a few IHS student athletes and members of the IHS Leadership club joined us for a lift-a-THON to support the battle against pediatric cancer.

Today, CFI raised an estimated $1,020 and lifted over 5,000 lbs in weight!!

100% of the proceeds will go directly to IHS mini-THON!

You're efforts don't go unnoticed! You had a small part to play in a large effort to support families dealing with a terrible situation! I'm proud of you, and proud to walk alongside you all in this journey!


Left to Right: CJ Lyons, Nikki Polisky, Tisha Reidmiller, Chris Reidmiller, Katie Milane
Tisha Reidmiller
Nikki Polisky

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