CFI partners with IAHS Leadership miniTHON

lift-a-THON at CrossFit Indiana
CJ Lyons
March 19, 2023
CFI partners with IAHS Leadership miniTHON

Indiana Area High School Leadership Club & CrossFit Indiana are teaming up to host Indiana’s first Lift-A-THON event benefiting Families fighting pediatric cancer.

The families of childhood cancer patients bear a heavy load during the treatment and recovery of their little loved ones. Help us “Lighten their Load,” quite literally, by lifting as much weight as possible and raising funds in these families’ honor and support.

Event registration is free, but all participants will be expected to fundraise or donate. There is no fundraising minimum to compete and no previous lifting experience is required! All participants will be sponsored either by a flat rate or per pound. All movements will be reviewed in depth and coaches will be available on-site to assist with movement practice, instruction, and form correction. Participants’ overall weight/scores will be a combination of their max effort lifts including Strict Press, Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift.

There are two ways to make a pledge. 

1. You could sponsor an athlete with a flat amount. If you pledge a flat donation it doesn’t matter how much the student lifts you will only pay that amount. 

2. You can pledge an amount for the total weight lifted from an athlete.. 

For example: an athlete lifts 725 pounds total. If you sponsored an athlete for 1 cent per pound, you would owe $7.25 (.01 x 725 = $7.25) or if you sponsor an athlete  for $2 per pound you would owe $1,450 (2 x 725 = $1,450) a. 

With sponsoring an athlete by the pound, you can put a limit on what you don’t want the dollar amount to exceed. Do not pay now. Money will be collected after the lift-a-thon ends on March 19th. 

Any person(s) is allowed to come in and watch the event.

Make a direct donation

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