23.2 Was Inspiring

You are awesome! CrossFit Indiana
CJ Lyons
February 26, 2023
23.2 Was Inspiring

CrossFit Open workout 23.2 was inspiring!

When we opened CrossFit Indiana, we had the vision to create a space that was inclusive. A space where people could come in a safe and encouraging environment. A space where you would feel seen, heard and coached. A place where we didn't want to push a culture, but wanted to let the culture of community develop organically. We didn't want to "make" our space have a feel, but we wanted our space to develop into a space that held all of these qualities and more.

Last night, was incredible! The CrossFit Open is always an awesome event that brings people together. It's always an event where we see goals hit, PR's set, and athletes do the unthinkable. Last night was exactly that. We saw PR's, we saw 1st time movement, we saw athletes push themselves beyond their limits and we saw the community, friends and family come out to support us and our goals to just be a better version of ourselves. None of us have aspirations of being competitive athletes (at this point anyway) but just want to make a change in our lives. We want to feel better, look better and move better each and every day. We're not just working out, but we're changing our lifestyle to make a better us!

You are incredible! You are inspiring! I can't believe that we're doing this, and that you're a part of it! CrossFit Indiana is moving, and I'm honored to be a part of your journey!

Let's do this while the energy is up! Help us build our community! Take a minute to think. Who in your life could benefit by integrating our fitness model into their daily routine? I'm sure we all have someone that needs a bit of encouragement getting to the gym! Next week is Bring a Friend Week. Give them a text, call, or take them to coffee. Invite them to Bring a Friend Week with you. Let's change lives together!

Bring a Friend Week | Feb. 27 - March 3

Photos from 23.2 @ CrossFit Indiana



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